Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4, Scene 7; Post Game

Great game everyone!
XP gained = 1,714
Credits = 3,600

The group met with the Senco Administrator, a rather built Chiss named Tyco Inrokini. He was busy running the city but asked that the group go on a mission to scout out what the Ssi-Ruuvi are doing deep in Ssi-Ruuvi controlled territory. The Chiss have been able to detect a lot of tighbeam communication activity in two locations and Tyco had sent a group (consisting of Frendo’maw and T’sa) to investigate but have not heard back from them in days. The group also discovered that global temperatures have been steadily and rapidly raising (about 0.5 C in three days). They set out after agreeing to also set up a series of tight beam repeaters to improve communication in the field. They head to the forward-most defense bunker and meet with the Chiss in charge there, LT Sosenta and get set to stay the night before heading out in the morning. At sundown, not long after the group arrives they are attacked by the Ssi. The comms tower and shield generator is sabotaged by a black scaled P’weck and a strike team consisting of p’wecks and droids led by a single Ss-Ruuvi officer attack the compound with nerve gas. After a tough fight the group emerges victorious after using the specially made translators to confuse and force the p’wecks to surrender after the Ssi officer is killed. The group decides to spare the p’wecks although one does not accept that the PCs are gods and tries to blow himself up in protest (although the wookiee grapples and beats him unconscious). The other two remaining p’weck commandos agree to give the PCs info and show them how to control the turret droid. The group asks the Chiss at the station to watch over the p’weck POWs and to send the droid into Senco for research purposes. The group then gets ready to head out to meet the black scaled p’weck in the forest inside Ssi-ruuvi controlled territory…


arcticfox6 arcticfox6

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