Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4, Scene 7; pre-game

Csaus 1

The memories of the news feed from the fall of the Rhigar system is still fresh in your minds… the Chiss female reporter’s face is burned into your memory, her face twisted with an expression of true and unmitigated pain. The surprise attack on the military academy where she was getting an interview from cadets seemed almost surreal. The Ssi-ruuvi landing craft streaked across the field of vision on screen, the canisters landing amidst the drilling cadets and reporter paralyzing everyone. As the camera fell to the ground the Ssi-battle droids descended from the clouds as the Chiss reporter and the cadets all struggled to fight the nerve agent’s effects. In clear view of the upturned camera, he droids brandished odd pole arms arching with energy. Slowly and methodically the droids went Chiss to Chiss, using the polearms to fuse each spine to include the reporter. Each was then scooped up and the camera feed terminated as a clawed food smached the recording device. Your stomachs turned knowing that her, like so many other Chiss on Rhigar and Chaf have, in all likelihood, already succumbed to a fate much worse than death, you descend into Csaus 1’s atmosphere. The lush landscape is the equal of any artistic rendition, but the peaceful looking landscape belies the heavy fighting and suffering emminating from the surface. Streaks of green, blue and red light lash suddenly at random intervals on the surface leading to the obvious conclusion that fighting on the ground is fierce and ongoing. Large craters are scattered in and around the major city of Senco, a marvel of architecture with large vertical skyscrapers that are built in such a way as to funnel and control light in beautiful ways and also where you have been granted access to pass through the shield generator, obviously the only reason the city is still standing at all. The brilliant pink sky above also betrays the ferocious skirmishes occurring between the brutal Ssi-ruuvi Admiral Sii’Luve and the Chiss Admiral Kethiss. For the moment, the Chiss fleet seems to have moved the lines of scrimmage to cover and protect the city from orbital bombardment, at least for the time being…


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