Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4, Scene 8; Post Game

XP gained = 1,050
Credits = 3,600

This session began with the PCs heading into the wilds of Csaus 1 to meet with a mysterious black-scaled P’Weck named simply “Mir”. The meeting location ended up being more than just a massive lone tree in the middle of a meadow. A huge Csaus dragon had made its home there and beset upon the PCs once they approached the tree. After a long and bloody battle and with two PCs having been swallowed hole the party regroups and sees a flare launch from the tree. They cautiously approach to find Mir who then proceeds to discuss terms of a dubious agreement between the little seemingly autonomous P’Weck and the group information for future assistance. The P’Weck tells the group that the key to halting the invasion is in killing or otherwise stopping a red-scaled (read warrior caste) Ssi-ruuvi champion named “Karakiss”. Karakiss is an oddity in that he insists on being on the vanguard of every invasion, even before the planet has had a chance to be sanctified. Killing him will severely weaken Admiral Sii’Luve in the eyes of his Ssi-ruuvi Command who do not seem to be very pleased with the Admirals actions… The meeting concluded with a general location to the previous strike group consisting of T’sa, Sa’Keth and Frendo’maw being relayed and the PCs racing off to assist their longtime friends and allies. Upon reaching the coordinats hee PCs do not find them at that location. They decide to search the surrounding jungle and after only a few minutes they find the others when they other bursts out from the heavy foliage yelling obscenities and shooting seemingly blindly into the jungle beind them attempting in vain to hit an unknown foe. Upon seeing their friends T’sa and Frendo’maw proceed to tell the group that their group had been attacked by a huge red-scaled Ssi-ruuvi who easily defeated Frendo’maw in an honorable, one-on-one melee fight. The group raced back with the PCs to their speeders only to find they had been destroyed. Utterly demoralized the other group broke down, as if giving up. Their terrified faces were finally overcome with exhaustion and fell asleep after not having slept in what appears to be days. The group not sits at the edge of the huge river delta with word that a underwater research station seems to be the next logical destination to get supplies and speeders to return to the fight…


arcticfox6 arcticfox6

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