Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4, Scene 9; post-game

XP gained: 2,400
Credits gained: 3,600

This session was dominated by the massive ambush along the River Sasha’til. First came the droids that were easy enough to dispatch, but when Xan pursued his instincts into the brush he happened upon the predatory Karakiss who sprung into action. Despite their best efforts and teamwork, even the heroes were unable to pacify this threat as each was dispatched in time save for Jace and Tyr. In an interesting turn of events and thanks to the diplomatic whiles of Jace, Karakiss was forced into a conversation of sorts. With the translators developed by Dr Lucian in full display to the champion of the Ssi-ruuvi invasion force and a commanding and persuasive tone, Jace was able to avoid further bloodshed and agreed to go with Karakiss peacefully. Upon agreeing to the surrender of sorts, a dropsship appear overhead and land, spewing forth its contents of P’w’ecks and droids. the party is gathered up aside from Tyr and Jace and placed in the dropship, whereas Jace and the seemingly unconscious Tyr accompany Karakiss on his landspeeder. He speeds away and seems to have a long conversation with someone. At the end of the conversation the dropship carrying the group seems to take position at the flank of the speeder and follows it to the aquatic research center.


arcticfox6 arcticfox6

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