Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4 Scene 9; Pre-game

Not zipping around Csaus on a speeder bike has made you realize just how miserable this planet is, despite its aesthetic beauty. Diminutive flying reptiles swarm in clouds like insects on other planets and have evolved tiny horns with which to extract blood from their overwhelmed victims. Loud bellowing from some unknown aquatic creatures can be heard up and down the river at your backs as cat sized flying primates cackle and call. The cacophony of sounds is almost deafening and the reptiles biting would normally be at the forefront of your minds but not today. Today a dangerous foe is stalking you. You can feel the eyes of intelligence upon you. Tyr manages to decode the recording device on the now deceased Chiss spec ops agent and begins playback…

“Record# 01-45 2200GST 05/12/13ABY -Agent 569
///Begin Recording///
This is Field Agent Shinto’secan and this is my first recording on a new data disc. My mission is classified so if you find this and are listening please STOP if you do not possess at least level 7 clearance. hand this data disc into the Chiss ascendancy immediately… (5 minute pause). Now the mission is to investigate strange reports of non-natural earthquakes in enemy territory. My team currently consists of 9 members. We are blessed to have been joined by three outsiders one of which appears to be a member of the famed Jedi order, another is a strange and quiet red skinned humanoid dressed in black and the other is a energetic albeit grumpy lizard like humanoid. We engaged a droid patrol after one of our members was unable to keep quiet and was detected. The firefight was quick and easy, particularly with the help of the new members, but the Jedi was concerned that our position was compromised and he urged us to continue moving despite having some droids that we could slice and loot. Anyways, after only about 30 minutes, we were still moving fast when we noticed some movement up ahead in a clearing. It was a strange sight. A rather large red colored ssi-ruuvi was standing there in the opening, one of his rifles at his back but not raised, looking right at us. Of course we raised our weapons and began to fire. We layed it down HEAVY. I mean HEAVY. Well… all except the Jedi and the red man who just stood there. The Jedi seemed shaken somewhat and the red man was just watching the jedi, looking as confused as we were. When the smoke cleared nothing remained. Not a charred body or wounded figure crawling to safety, just tracks leading away. I gave the order to pursue. As we reached the treeline, the Ssi-ruuvi’s band attacked. They attacked fast, using the foliage as cover and dropped 2 of my men before we were finally able to drive them off and only after the Jedi and the red man intervened with their glowing swords. With two members dead we needed to dig in and here we are. It is raining again tonight. It always rains at night. Agent Shinto OUT.”

“Record# 02-45 2000GST 05/13/13ABY -Agent 569
Our team is exhausted. Since my last recording, things have progressed from bad to worse. Last night was a sleepless one. We were attacked by droids. This time the droids seemed to focus efforts on the jedi and the red man but were easily taken out, it just took time. Then we saw “him” again. The red Ssi-ruuvi appeared but this time we were not able to form up and bring our blasters to bear. he engaged us in hand-to-hand. His strikes were blindingly fast and his movements made him almost impossible to hit, even at point blank range! The Jedi and red man engaged him and sustained heavy damage, while inflicting seemingly minimal damage onto him. After what felt like an eternity of us fighting against one target in an instant it switched targets to one of my other men, and within seconds bit right trough his neck and pulled off his head. “He” darted into the tree line to disappear after a short pursuit. The day has been restless and after our speeders were sabotaged the little reptilian fellow has been trying to repair them. He appears without warning and hit us and darts back, not to be seen for hours. The little reptile was able to sneak up on him tho and between his heavy blaster fire and the red mans quick movements they were able to wound the ssi. We have not seen him now for hours. Perhpas he has retreated. It has been a long day… Agent Shinto OUT."

“Record# 03-45 2200GST 05/14/13ABY -Agent 569
Last night “he” returned… While we were trying to finally get some sleep the guard screamed out for us all to wake up. We did and found one of our group laying next to us had been decapitated. His head was gone and the blood dripped between me and the red man. We must have gotten some sleep but what the hell!?!?! (He sounds exhausted and demoralized) One of the team is from Csaus and tells us of a underwater research station that would have provisions, medical supplies and more importantly transport. I have made the decision to travel to this station and obtain transport so we can figure out what is going on and get back into Chiss controlled territory. We have been moving toward the river system ultimately we are heading for coordinates X12334 Y5454590 Z232458. Shinto out."

“Record# 04-45 2100GST 05/15/13ABY -Agent 569
More droids. The Jedi and red man are quiet now and the little reptile is clearly shaken. Hell we all are. We lost another member last night. He was sleeping when some reptilian creature came up from the river and clamped on his head and did a death roll… We were not even able to kill the creature as it returned to the river. I can just see the Ssi bastard laughing as we loose our members to the natural animals here. I hate him! We were going to construct a float but now we are constantly harassed by the Ssi. Paddlebeam fire erupts from the treeline at random intervals right when we are about to sleep. I am the only chiss remaining now and i cant help but think i am next. Why hasn’t he killed the other non-chiss. Must hate us. I hate him…” just then his eyes go wide as a pair of claws puncture through the front of the chest from behind. His eyes slowly turn to meet the face of a Ssi staring at him. They look at each other for a few seconds before his eyes turn to the distance as if he wanted to warn his teammates but then the Ssi grabbed his neck with its teeth and ripped to the side and darted past him as his body hit the floor.

\\\No further recordings\\\


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