Sentient, reptilian, bipedal, spacefaring aggressive species


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In the SotA campaign the Ssi-Ruuk have dominated Acts 3 and 4. They have been involved in a protracted war with the Nagai expidition forces and invaded Chiss Ascendancy space, conquering planets and enteching or enslaving entire systems. Upon defeating the Chiss defence fleet in the Destosis system, the Ssi-ruuvi hyjacked all Unknown Region holonet signals to broadcaste their new dictum that read as follows:

“We are the chosen ones; born of the divine. We are shaped in the image of the Great Master Ssi; born to serve him in the infinite depths. We are warriors, wise men, fathers, Masters… We will prove ourselves worthy to join the one immortal god, and hear his voice once again. It took years to rise from the world of our spawning, but our wiles are unlimited, and our thirst for knowledge strong. We tear apart flesh, steel, mind, memory chip, seeking the spark of truth. Seeking the god of our birth, and always, we hunger for more. The time has come: We can wait no longer for the Great Master to return. Our numbers increase daily. Our children hunger, our females lust for war. This galaxy is unworthy of its gods, overrun by ignorant, arrogant slaves: Mindless insects… Chattering apes… Blaspheming rebels… As it was commanded, so it shall be done! We will sweep all enemies from our path. Should you accept us with open arms you will find we ARE kind. You have been bestowed a great honor, for you will be allowed to ascend beyond your feeble forms, to that of near divinity. Resistance is pointless. Your heidonistic and selfish ways will only waste the lives of you and those you care for. In the darkness of this galaxy, we will forge an empire of light! We will be worthy! We will find Ssi, wherever he is hiding! We will end his silence, and become his claws once again! It is time to teach you all your place in the great scheme. You will learn to serve their betters… Or die.”


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