Mandalorian Trooper stationed in Chiss Ascendancy Space


As a hand of the Mandalore himself and as member of Agent Jace’s crack squad Xan provides his allies with heavy fire support, space walking, commando, as well as some mechanical and tactical skills to aid in the completion of their missions.

Once a lost Zabrak lashing out against the Empire as a mercenary Xan’koth became a hired guard and support for young Jedi Tyr. Their mission was to support diplomatic and intelligence efforts between the New Republic (via the Jedi Order) and the Chiss Ascendancy. The details of those early missions were not relevant to the shortsighted and rash Zabrak that Xan’Koth was at the time. Eventually he matured and began to learn the ways of the Mandalorians. Soon he earned a place among the ranks of the soldiers of Mandalore.


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