Kronis' Mask

A full-faced mask made of cortosis weave with runed box and hoverstand


Kronis  mask jpg 001


“My name is Temso Kronis… I am originally from Coreillia, born to a wealthy family with a long history of defending the Republic in many capacities. I was recruited early in childhood into the Jedi Order and served a very unremarkable Padawanhood despite the Mandalorian War that raged around the Galaxy. My Master tried to convince the Jedi Council at the time to join the Republic, but the Council of the time refused claiming that they had suffered too great of casualties during the Great Sith War. I was already a Jedi Knight at this point so I accompanied my Master in investigating Mandalorian atrocities. We even found evidence of a massacre that had occurred on Cathar and the Jedi Council continued to turn a blind eye and try to remain neutral. Ultimately, we could not sit by and watch the Republic suffer so we took up arms alongside the Republic and were ultimately exiled from the Jedi order as a result.

In my exile to the Unknown Regions I perfected my connection to the force and was even able to create objects that acted as conduits through which I could influence the world around them. We also learned that love and loyalty was all that was really important. Sadly, we would also learn that although those two traits were all that were important, they were not enough. I had been working on the mask that you now possess for months. It all started from a vision that I had. I constructed the mask not simply wanting an object through which I could project my abilities, but something that could actually store a piece of my consciousness for a purpose I did not understand. One day I would understand, as our fleet ran into a new alien force that attacked us immediately. Their ships looked like asteroids and their attacks went through shields. As out ship was going through its death throes I knew I could not escape so I went into my stateroom and transferred my essence into the mask… I do not know how long it took me to adapt to my new consciousness but the next time I would come to, I was in the hands of a Sith enclave that was confused by my existence. They fashioned the box that now rests in your room back at IouM-1. I have come out a few times when new Sith students attempted to use me for their own gain, as if forgetting or not knowing I was a Jedi. I was always placed back in the box… that was until you came along. And here we are. Perhaps the box yet awaits me?"

Kronis' Mask

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