Voice of L'Wehk

Sii'Ruuvi Frigate-sized superweapon

weapon (ranged)

Voice of ssi


The Superweapon designated Weapon X127950, or simply “weapon X” is a self propelled frigate of Ssi’ruuvi origin. This ship appears to have been designed with one purpose… to serve as a platform for a terrible entechment cannon. Reports gained from Special Forces Unit, code named “Hydra 77”, obtained and translated documents from the Ssi’ruuvi space station orbiting Destosis 3 that eluded to the use of “expendable ammunition” which seems to be code for force sensitive prisoners. The firing of the cannon appears to expend the life of the captive but in return entechs all life forms within a cone of unknown dimension, but can encompass at least a ship the size of a Chiss Star Destroyer, Nebula-class leaving all victims not only mentally non-functional, but appears to cause hyper intense pain as well as is evident by the horrifying expression and contorted bodies left in its wake. Other than size and the entechment cannon, no other specs of the ship are know at this time.

Voice of L'Wehk

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