Welcome to the “Shadow of the Ascendancy” homepage. This Star Wars Saga Ed. home-brew game takes place in 13 ABY and is primarily set is Chiss Ascendancy space (hence the name). This game has currently started its second year and has walked it’s players from 1st level to 9th level (as of the creation of this page). Originally designed as a “learning” game to teach our home group how to play Saga Edition Star Wars, this game has evolved into a full out campaign. The overarching theme of my game is a slight departure from the normal game wherein a player is usually only concerned with their own character. In this game, i encourage players to share their personal stories/correspondence and I in-turn give glimpses into NPCs and events that the PCs are not privy to in order to give the players the sense that they are watching a Star Wars Movie (albeit rated R version as you will see).

My game is set in the Iou System on Iou-7, a Gas Giant that serves as a focal point for a good portion of the campaign. Despite its gaseous makeup, Iou-7 has a abundance of rare metals traveling along strange internal currents within the planet itself. During the reign of the Emperor, the Empire commissioned a small R&D corporation called Transtar to utilize its unusual mining techniques and technology in an attempt to supply the Empire with these strange materials. Thus the mining station IouM-1 was established. The Empire also supplied much of the workforce in this off-the-beaten-path system, using “indentured servants”, basically slaves obtained from equal parts; dissident races and criminals from across the Galaxy.

The game is broken into 5 acts with the PCs being currently immersed in Act 4. The Acts represent major story lines with each session being noted as a scene (so Act 3 Scene 4 is the 4th actual sit-down game in the 3rd Act).

Shadows of the Ascendancy

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