Shadows of the Ascendancy

Act 4 Scene 11; Post game

With your characters recovering after the crash landing of the Ssi transport, you all hear the buzzing of distant Ssi ion engines and see the contrails break off into three distinct ships heading right for your location. You all agree to vouch for the p’w’ecks and then set off into two groups. With Heavy foliage and intervening canopy blocking sensors and visual scanners the Ssi deploy defoliants to the entire crash site and all surrounding terrain which effectively reduces that section of the forest in seconds. One of the transports hovers over the transport, which thanks to Jace’s familiarity with the Ssi tech, has been set to not only have roaming heat signatures inside the crashed transport and have its thrusters activate on timer, it was also set to have its engines overloaded, a sort of simple self destruct. The other two transports seem to track the general movements of the two parties (the main group party and the p’w’ecks/Frendo/T’sa/Sa’keth party). Battles ensue between Ssi forces and the two respective parties and the crashed transport detonates while being boarded by the third transport, destroying both ships. The initial fight was with a group of salvage and quick response p’w’ecks led to rescue the p’w’eck and secure the "cargo of the crashed ship. This party was led by a red scale ssi who quickly adapted tactics when he spotted the “cargo” alive and well and went on the attack. A battle ensued but the ssi forces were overcome quickly and its leader was subdued and in an interesting turn of events, was saved by Jace and allowed to live in exchange for the immediate departure of the Ssi and the controller bracelet of the stegosaurus droid (Droideka). After they all depart the party makes for the treeline when Xan spots 4 redscaled Ssi standing at the treeline, one donning the flamboyant headdress that was seen on Karakiss by Jace and Tyr that signifies him as a champion of the invasion force. The party makes for the treeline away from the Ssi but they quickly realize that the Ssi, who had given chase, were much faster and instead set up in the clearing and lobbed heavy weapon fire at the charging Ssi champion and his guard. The fight was intense but quick and due to masterful tactics, the use of effective force powers and a bit of luck the tables were turned on the Ssis and the champion was forced to flee. The group came under heavy fire from Ssi reinforcements from the transport until the groups ships came to their rescue, along with a Chiss quick reaction force, send specifically to rescue the party. Excellent game everyone!!

XP = 2250
Credits = 7000


arcticfox6 arcticfox6

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