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The Acts are as follows:

Act 1: The Bloodwings Strike.
This Act was the intro act and involved the PCs accompanying a group of the new Jedi Order to meet with a Chiss Noble who is interested in learning about the Force, as it is starting to be noticed among the Chiss populace. During the meeting, a group of local terrorists known as the Bloodwings attempt a kidnapping of the Chiss noble and are foiled by the PCs. This begins a series of back and forth exchanges across the base as the droid hacking terrorists utilize their skills to attack the PCs at every opportunity, turning the stations own defenses against them. Eventually, and many battles with hacked station defense droids later, the group is able to turn the tide, capture the main hacker and force the leader, a Toydarian criminal mastermind, into hiding.

Act 2: From the Depths…
Desperate, the Bloodwings mount a final attempt to strike at the heart of IouM-1. Using a final code, they tap into the massive station defense droids and unleash them upon the security forces. With the PCs and security forces detracted and moving to protect the Chiss noble, a small Bloodwing contingent moves on the noble’s force-sensitive son and captures him. They are able to escape the system but not before the PCs are able to calculate the Bloodwing ship’s destination, the Tyrus System. On approach to the only settlement in the system on Tyrus Prime, a remote bomb goes off inside the PCs ship causing it to crash land on the desolate planet’s surface. The night was rough and the PCs encounter strange mutant forms of the Lugubraa race that are much larger and even more feral. The PCs are joined by a new party member, a wookiee scout on Tyrus named Wrrlrirr who guides the PCs to the Archeological dig site T-1. The PCs come into a station under siege from below as the massive mutants erupt from the depths of the planet in seemingly endless numbers to engulf the station. In response, the AI administrator went resident evil on everything (i.e. activated all defensive systems on the mutants and non-mutant occupants in an attempt to secure the findings from the archeological dig. Meanwhile the players take over a group of Kissai who are dispatched from a hidden colony of Sith on Tyrus to deal with the growing Lugubraa threat they call “devastators”. The Kissai are successful in killing the queen underground and internal politics result in the death of the antagonist Kissai noble and his warrior ally and the banishing of the kissai sith Sa-Keth who flees to the surface, to escape a sea of devastators descending upon the queen. The PCs take advantage of the mutants going back underground for no apparent reason and seize control of the AI administrator. In a final battle the PCs find and encounter the bloodwing mastermind and also his darkside allies who were overseeing the excavation of an ancient Sith temple. The Darksiders are defeated with the assassin killed but the main darkside warrior, a Rattataki male named Banos Tesh jumping into the depths of the temple amidst the sea of mutants. The PCs acquire the Bloodwing’s ship, the Chiss nobles son and return victorious to IouM-1.

Act 3: A not-so-little favor goes a long way.
After a rest bit and the Chiss Ascendency taking full control of the mining station from Transtar for security reasons, the PCs have a vision of a girl requesting help through the force. She is stranded without fuel or food. The PCs also have strange and dangerous encounters with a mercenary unit originally contracted out by the Bloodwings to kill the PCs. The PCs initially ignore this threat and focus on the girl while sending in a Chiss frigate to engage the seemingly honorable mercenaries waiting for the PCs in the Taris System. The PCs jump to the coordinates to find scavengers about to pick apart an adrift ship. After fending off the scavengers and saving the girl, she turns out to be a Dathomiri witches daughter and her rancor in the hold of the ship. She “acquired” the ship to look for her rancor’s egg that had recently been stolen. The problem was her brother had been killed during a fight with pirates and she knew nothing of ships, and food had already run out. After negotiations, the harsh girl was convinced to return to IouM-1 to get provisions. The PCs advised her to return home at her mothers orders but promised to find the egg. Using information directly from the mysterious force spirit Master Kronis, the group jumped to a system called Selto. The PCs make contact with a luxury corvette called “Base Camp 15” and feel the egg on board that vessel. The PCs met with the owner, the marketing director of Balmorran Arms, Katiss Devitt who is basically a Star Wars version of the stereotypical “great white hunter”. He sets up expeditions across the Galaxy to hunt the biggest and most dangerous creatures. He freely relays that he has a Rancor egg obtained from Dathomir, but also has a hunting tag for Rancors and intends on taking care of the beast until it is old enough to hunt. Not seeing any way to extract the egg without violence the PCs depart to their ships only to have a small strike force of the Nagai Mercenaries attack. The PCs join forces with the Luxury corvette but are overpowered by the Nagai’s ferocity. The Base-Camp 15 is downed with sustained turbolaser fire. In a dashing display of heroism the PCs actually board the downed ship while it made its terminal decent into the oceans of Selto. The are able to make their way to the Egg, and after fighting some of the freed beasts in the hunter’s live collection obtain the egg and escape. The Nagai force is forced to retreat after sustaining heavy damage and the PCs are left to provide search and rescue. The PCs rescue who they can and travel to the surface where they find Mr Devitt beside himself with grief. His daughter never made it off of the Base-Camp 15 but the PCs can feel her presence in the force. They decent into the depths of the oceans where the ship crashed into and fought their way through the dreaded Selto Dragons, massive luminescent sea dragon like creatures to rescue the girl. Surprised that the PCs would help complete strangers in such a way the Nagai forces, who had been watching the PCs decided to parlay and even offered assistance to the Balmorran arms people.

Act 4: The enemy of my enemy.
The PCs report what they have learned about the Nagai to the Chiss command. The Nagai, who apparently demolished the Chiss frigate sent to deal with them have been tracked to a system in the southern reaches of Chiss space called the Destosis System, The PCs are tasked with making contact to see about establishing peaceful relations with the warrior race. Upon traveling to Destosis, the PCs discover that the Nagai are currently engaged in open warfare with a mysterious race of reptiles known are the Ssi-Ruuvi, who seem to have the upper hand. The PCs also are aware that the moon of Destosis 3 is home to 4 different Chiss exile colonies. The PCs find that the colonies are devoid of life. The bodies of men, women and children lie with horrifying expression and distorted extremities as if they experienced such sudden pain as to instantly seize up and even break limbs. The reptiles are tactical and brutal launching coordinated attacks that strangely focused not on killing, but capture. The PCs broker a deal with the surviving Chiss and the embattled Nagai and return to IouM-1 to report and regroup. While on station they catch wind that their old nemesis Banos Tesh has returned, alive from Tyrus and has brought some devastators with him. The PCs foil his plans but after he finds out the PCs do not have Master Kronis’ mask (it had been handed over to Master Skywalker) he flees. The PCs get word that a Ssi-ruuvi space station is being built orbiting Destosis 3. They get strike orders to board and demo the station and do so, fighting through hordes of the ssi-ruuvi slave race the p’wechs and massive war droids to destroy the station and download a strange ship schematic. They then fly down to the planet and assist in facilitating the evacuation of Chiss exiles and Nagai. The ships flee the planet and meet up with the rest of the Nagai fleet only to find the fleet not responding. After closer inspection the ships in the flee show no signs of life and body lay strewn in their respective battle stations as if they had died suddenly. Then Ssi-rruvi ships come out of in-system jumps and move to engage. just then three Chiss Star Destroyers jump out of hyperspace and take up defensive position in front of the refugees. After a brief exchange of words the Ssi-ruuvi unleash a terrible weapon upon the Chiss and refugees. A ship designed to provide entechment at range and through space that one shot could rip the souls of a Star Destroyers entire crew and power the systems of the Ssi-Ruuvi ship. The Chiss fleet begins to take evasive actions and the refugees jump to their last supply depot in space. The remaining Chiss jump back to IouM-1 in utter defeat and completely confused. The Ssi-Ruuvi fleet, newly rejuvenated and powered by the life-force of their conquered enemies, begin a push into Chiss Ascendancy space. The invasion begins with the remote Colony Station Chaf, which is taken within a day without even a call for help making beyond the Chaf system to warn other Chiss colonies. The Ssi-ruuvi fleet then moves to a vital Chiss strategic asset, the of Rhigar system which houses the famed CADF (Chiss Ascendacy Defense Force) military Academy and Rhigar Shipyards. Using the element of surprise and forward momentum they take the entire system within a week. With the momentum slowing, but still strong they push into the Csaus system where the PCs have been sent to join the defense forces there…

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